Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mongoose Schools Series # 2 - Thomas Moore

So I went road tripping down to the Mongoose Schools Race at Thomas Moore in Kloof to shoot some pics for the organisers. Nice day to shoot, but a little difficult lugging equipment around with a dislocated collarbone (results of my other life as an athlete :) ). So to make things easier I took an assistant along... nothing like a good bag carrier in life! Gave him a camera to try out (my old spare) and actually seems to have a good eye for it, just needs to learn the camera a little better. I may even post a shot or two of his later. I really also used the shoot to try sort out my event gallery system (having nightmares with the original one, so moved to a more reliable system). So you will notice I am making some more use of the features that the wonderful company Google offer (amongst which is reliability!), and so Force12 now has its own email address and Picasa Gallery, where I will upload the full album of pics from events that I shoot. Here is a couple of pics from the day, with the rest available here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gallery System up and running in test mode

Hey all. Finally got my gallery up and running thanks to the guys over at Posted a gallery of shots from the first Mongoose schools race at Cascades, PMB as a test (check i out here - Gallery). Email me on and let me know what you think. Plan is to upload all event shoots from now on, starting with next weeks Mongoose Schools race (Hopefully I can make it down to Durban for that one!)

Enjoy...until the next shoot :)