Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Evolution of Force12

So big things are happening in the world of Force12, with many new projects on the go. The new equipment has definitely been worth the investment so far, with requests pouring in for images. Its great to finally be getting some recognition for my work, especially amongst the athletes I shoot, alongside the media. I havn't had much opportunity to shoot any specific events lately, but been focusing more on assignments for paying customers, some of which I will post shortly.

In the meantime, check out the latest (May / June) issue of Mountain Biker magazine, where you will see some of my work from the Momentum Health KZN cup series, and the MTN Cascades Nationals. Also keep an eye out for the new issue, where I will have some work in the Mountain Biker, as well as the BMXr sections!

I have had many requests from people to see my images that I shoot at events, but until now I had not found an efficient way of posting whole albums on the web. I am busy experimenting with a new photo hosting site, which will allow me to upload a whole event, with the best pics being saved for here. Once I have shot a particular event, I will post a link and some images here, keeping the blog very much alive!

Until then...

Monday, June 7, 2010

CODP Competition...

So I dropped 2 of my shots in as entries to a local competition run by the College of Digital Photography. The competition is a monthly thing with 3 winners per month, and a final winner after about 8 months of entries. The topic for may was "Our Future Sports Stars", so I used one of my pics from the Giba BMX Nationals earlier in the year, shot on the last burm whilst playing around with some slower shutter speeds. It may not be one of my ultimate best pics, but it worked for the competition, since it is sponsored by Transitions, hence the choice of picture, with the flash focusing only on the face.

The pic of Connor Terblanche ended up as one of May's winners, with the prize being an awesome bookset on digital photography techniques...something I think is gonna be of good use. Check out the announcement on http://www.codp.co.za/?m=10&idkey=1365

Check out the winning pic below

And the prize...

Mogoose Schools MTB @ Cascades

Went out to shoot some pics of the green monsters (Jeep Apparel Multisport School) at the Mongoose schools MTB race at Cascades. The course was looking awesome, with a lot of the nationals single track being used, making it quite a challenge for some of the kids. I used the time to to continue the remote flash experiment, just to try get the lighting right since some of the auto settings are blowing out the whites (as you can check in the DH stuff below). Its still going to be some time before I fully get the hang of the new equipment. 3 years of shooting with the same camera becomes a relationship based on experience that is going to take some time to recreate. However I am loving the quality of the new camera, with the keep rate at least 5 times higher than the old one. Check out some of the playing below...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Force12 Around Town!

Check out the poster for the Mongoose Schools MTB Series, with one of my shots from the Mountain View KZN provincial earlier on in the year...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DH Action at Giba 29-05-2010

So finally got to shoot some action with the new camera! Man what a change...ok good light and an awesome course did help, but now I realise why people spend so much money on their camera's. I was loving the whole new world of remote flash - definitely taking the pictures to the next level! So check out some of my favourites from the weekend...